See our great leaders explain habit three of the Leader in Me program.

The Leader in Me program, initiated in the spring of 2013 at HPE, is based on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and proposes that every child is capable of leading and being accountable. The program provides a blueprint schools can use to encourage, enable and celebrate those traits. By leveraging HPE’s already high academic achievement, parental involvement and outstanding teachers, students are equipped with the tools and environment required for building self-confidence and communication skills.
Increases academic achievement
Increases parent and teacher engagement
Decreases discipline issues

Encourages personal responsibility
Increases self confidence
Increases personal success in extra curricular activities
Decreases parent nagging
Decreases arguments 

One of the keys to success with this program is the common language based on The 7 Habits. This language is used throughout the school, by staff and students. If the language is used by parents/caregivers, success at home is expected to be greater. It’s suggested parents learn habits 1-3 first and gently focus on those to support the child’s foundation for independence and responsibility.

BE PROACTIVE                                                                                      “You’re in charge.”
BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND                                                           “Have a plan.”
PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST                                                                     “Work first, then play.”
THINK WIN-WIN                                                                                      “Everyone can win.”
SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND, THEN BE UNDERSTOOD                 “Listen before you talk.”
SYNERGIZE                                                                                            “Together is better.”
SHARPEN THE SAW                                                                              “Balance feels best.”


HPE’s goal is to become a “Lighthouse School” utilizing The Leader in Me program. This is an honor awarded by FranklinCovey to schools that have demonstrated leadership and mentorship in the Leader In Me program for other schools. Standards must be achieved, and the process can take up to a few years as schools set their own pace.

Some examples of leadership from a “Lighthouse School:”

Leadership Environment: 
HPE has the leadership message visible throughout the school, in words and pictures. Leadership principals are being incorporated across the campus. For instance, The 7 Habits song in music, the tree display in the front entrance, the leadership wall in the front hall, etc.

Student Leadership: 
Students at HPE apply for leadership roles. An example: an Art Leader helps Mrs. Roberts with visuals, a Greeter Leader helps welcome school visitors, Tech Leaders assist younger students in the computer lab, etc.

Lighthouse Team: 
HPE has a team of teachers, administrators and parents that meets regularly to measure and develop our Leader In Me program.

Staff Collaboration: 
All staff is receiving training on The 7 Habits and Leader in Me. Training is ongoing over the next few years as we continue to add ideas and grow in our own understanding of the habits.  During collaboration time and faculty meetings staff discuss the habits, leadership roles in the classrooms and building, and share success stories.

Integrated Instruction and Curriculum:  
The 7 habits are very easy to integrate into our curriculum and conversations. When teachers are reading a story they can easily point out what habit(s) the characters are using, when working on projects the habits help with planning and follow-thru. When working in teams, whether in recess or in class, the habits help students solve problems and work together. The areas in which the habits apply in a given school day are numerous and easily linked just by using the language. 

Web Resources 
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.  7Habits4Teens .com 
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Parent Book List 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, Stephen R. Covey 
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The Leader In Me, Stephen R. Covey 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Sean Covey